Every procurement professional knows that delivering cost reductions starts with savings planning and a strategic approach to sourcing. But most companies don't have the range of expertise, information, and tools to effectively source all strategic and tactical buying categories. In fact, many purchases never get sourced at all. Kasel (Pvt) Ltd experts can help you achieve results in new, typically under-managed categories and tactical processes while you focus your existing resources on improving savings in more strategic categories. Kasel (Pvt) Ltd provides a full range of services for foreign businesses looking for new opportunities, or new approaches to existing opportunities in china or sourcing products from china.

    Sourcing Services in China    

Kasel provides a full range of services for clients and is focused on helping US companies source in China. We currently focus on the following vertical market segments:

                     Telecommunication   Furniture  
                     Solar Systems   Ceramics  
                     Flooring Systems   Textile Products  
                     Raw Material ( Pharma and Industrial)   Others Products  

*For sourcing needs not mentioned in the above list please feel free to contact us and give us your requirements.

    Our sourcing services include:    
  • Reviewing and analyzing your sourcing needs

  • Aligning you with a  China Business Solutions agent, who will act as your liaison to the manufacturer of your products in China

  • Communicating your specifications and design objectives to our team in China

  • Selecting reputable suppliers and manufacturing partners in China

  • Securing competitive bids from suppliers and manufacturers in China

  • Ensuring effective quality control

  • Assisting in coordination of air freight/shipping requirements

  • Assisting with customs, insurance, tariffs, legal and accounting issues and government relations


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    Assisting Foreign Businesses Selling Products and Services in China
         Kasel (Pvt) Ltd helps foreign companies find ways to reach their goal of entering the Chinese market. We will :
  • Assist in developing objectives for selling in China

  • Assist in strategic marketing and branding for entry into the China market

  • Identify the most efficient corporate entities in China; Joint Ventures (JV), Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE) or Representative Office (RO)

  • Identify government resources needed to facilitate your objectives

  • Identify potential strategic partners in China

  • Identify potential customers for your products and services

  • Assist in determining the best distribution channels in China

  • Assist with the sales and marketing of your products and services in China

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    The benefits add up  
  Kasel (Pvt) Ltd proven sourcing capabilities will help you:  
  • Identify more savings across more categories
  • Achieve the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Identify the best suppliers to meet company and stakeholder requirements
  • Better manage supply risk through allocation and optimization
  • Establish fully developed and accepted agreements that can be implemented
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